Miui 8 Theme

Miui 8 Theme Download For Xiaomi And Redmi Devices

Miui 8 theme and Xiaomi theme are the coolest theme and also the fastest one if you are not familiar with miui 8 theme then use this theme atleast once then you will get to know what you are missing. Xiaomi and Miui 8 devices are only able to use Miui 8 theme other devices are not compatible to use these themes.Miui 8 themes comes with most attractive ui and also comes with different looks and features.Download Miui 8 Theme from this site and easily choose your theme.Our site contains varieties of Miui 8 themes and also Xiaomi Themes.Check these theme and install mi theme in your device. Xiaomi and Redmi users can only use these themes. Miui 8 themes comes with all the huge varieties.This post contains Miui 8 Theme Miui 8 Theme.


  1. Miui 8 Theme.
  2. Compatible for Xiaomi And Miui 8 Users.
  3. Size of the theme is 42 mb.

There are two types of Miui 8 theme

  1. Official Miui 8 Theme.
  2. Third party mi theme.

Miui 8 Theme-

Miui 8 Theme is the best android theme if you are looking for something faster and convenient then miui 8 theme is the best for you it will give you the look and feel of miui 8 and also icon pack changes and everything changes but if you are not known with miui 8 theme then let me tell you how fast this theme is ?

I bet you will not ever believe how cool this theme is and after installing this theme you are able to explore device quickly.Install miui 8 themes in redmi note 4, redmi 3s/3x/3s prime, redmi 4, redmi 4a, and all other mi devices.

Third Party Miui 8 Theme-

Basically third party mi theme means the theme made by theme developers and those themes are the way better then official and default mi themes.Download third party theme is easy but main  think is to install third party theme.Because you can not simply apply those themes easily.You have to follow some rules and then only you can apply third party mi theme.

Hydrogen Os Miui 8 Theme

Cool blue Miui 8 theme

iOS 11 Miui 8 Theme

Neon Miui 8 Theme

Remix Miui 8 Theme

You will need a designer account then only you can install third party mi theme and for knowing full process.Read below points.

If you are using default themes then you have to go to themes app  and choose and apply theme.After waiting some time the theme successfully applied.But this method is doesn’t works like that.Download Miui 8 Theme first and then You have to go to below link for knowing full process for installing third party theme.

How To Install Third Party Miui 8 Theme

Download Miui 8 Theme mi theme from this site and easily install these theme in your xiaomi and mi devices.Our site has a huge varieties of latest themes

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